Entrepreneurial Philanthropy as a Driver of Change

The world of donations could be transformed over the next twenty years by learning from entrepreneurs. Many new donors are aware that traditional philanthropy is not entrepreneurial enough. While enthusiasm for philanthropy is growing, donors are not only interested in giving money for noble purposes; they also care about how effectively the money is being used.

Philanthropists now speak of socially responsible business, entrepreneurial philanthropy, and social investment. A new approach to philanthropy is emerging – strategic, market-oriented, knowledge-based, and aimed at increasing impact. This is particularly important to donors, as they know that regardless of the size of their personal wealth, they are dwarfs compared to the money that governments have at their disposal, so they promote projects that companies and local communities can also participate in. To truly achieve something, it is necessary to focus donations on problems that governments or profitable organizations do not address. For example, donors can take risks by finding pioneering solutions that governments and profit-making businesses can then apply.

Corporate philanthropy is also a significant trend. Companies donate in two ways: by giving money and by giving goods and services. In any case, companies today are more focused on justifying philanthropy on strategic grounds. Corporate philanthropy is becoming particularly important in developing countries, where companies feel the need to support local authorities with contributions to health care, education, youth, and other segments of society.

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