Discover Zlarin the coral gem of the Adriatic

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Site visit - Zlarin

Zlarin is known for its corals that have become synonymous for the island. The first written traces of coral diving in the Adriatic come from the 13th century, and the inhabitants of Zlarin are mentioned as the famous coral divers.

Red coral is an Adriatic treasure protected by law, and is considered the most beautiful coral. It symbolizes love, loyalty, fidelity and obedience. The islanders believe in the magical power of corals that can provide protection against many ailments, and particularly, protection of pregnant women and unborn children.

Zlarin is also known as one of the few inhabited islands in the Adriatic where there are no cars to be found.

Discover the corral heritage of the island while also getting to know the citizen initiative “Zlarin without plastic”.

Organisation that will present their activities in the framework of site visit:

Hrvatska Zlarin